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My Review of Pax Titanus by Tom Lucas

Pax Titanus

This year’s crop of The New Bizarro Author Series is quite a bit smaller than year’s past. With only three books this time around it should be easier for most fans to read them all. So far, I’ve had the pleasure of reading Pax Titanus by Tom Lucas, and let me just say this book was great! I didn’t really have any expectations for this book, I figured it would be good, but this book took me by surprise.

We are introduced in the beginning to Titanus and his friend Craxx, two construction workers who take jobs even if they put their lives at risk to get them done. One particular job puts Titanus on the emperor’s radar, and this starts a chain of events that leads to his son being kidnapped. The kidnappers force Titanus to fight in the SkullCrushFest, and so his only chance to save his family is to kill every one of his opponents.

Straight from the get go Tom Lucas’ characters are awesome. He does an excellent job of making them real, giving them depth for the short amount of time some are even seen for. From Titanus’ squid like wife that oozes emotions to the various combatants in the arenas, these characters are strong, funny, and likable. Speaking of funny, Tom spreads the humor around in this book and it works great.

Tom displays an insane amount of skill at the writing craft in this novella. I’ve seen it mentioned by other reviewers, he has created an enormous universe here and it would be awesome to see more stories utilizing what he has started here. I’ve got to hand it to Tom Lucas, he has surprised me, and won me over as a fan that will eagerly await his next writing endeavor.

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My Review of Hung Hounds by Donald Armfield

Hung Hounds

You can never truly know what to expect when you pick up a bizarro book. Most of the time, the synopsis only gives you a small glimpse into the world you’re about to enter. Hung Hounds is one of those books.

The story is, our would-be hero, Humphrey, wakes up in the bathroom of a bar to find earth has been invaded by the hung hounds. They are monstrous dog-like creatures, with huge penis’, from another dimension. From here he teams up with a rag tag group, Dawn the sexy heroine, Kickstand the retired porn star, and a monkey named Dookie, to try and send the hounds back to the dimension they came from. This is just a small sampling of what Hung Hounds is about.

Donald Armfield crams in a crazy amount of action and story into this short novella. He writes fast paced scenes and keeps his characters moving from one altercation to another. There’s a plethora of odd ball characters that our heroes encounter, some help out reluctantly and some try to stand in the way. Personally, I liked the last act of the book the best. Our group finds themselves put through a series of tests that have some pretty humorous elements to them.

This is a good read for any fans of bizarre stories that are heavy on the funny. Donald has a strong imagination, and I’m looking forward to what he does with it in the future.

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