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My Review of Thunderpussy by David W. Barbee


I had recently read David Barbees A Town Called Suckhole. I found that Barbees writing is imaginative, entertaining, and funny. So of course, I was excited about reading his newest book Thunderpussy. Straight off the bat this book doesn’t disappoint, it is funny and highly entertaining. This book features Declan Bruce, Agent 00x. He’s a spy for ZE State and he’s kind of like James Bond only taller, and has an awesome mustache.

After many of the other agents have met untimely fates 00X is sent in to figure out what is going on. Oberon Tubbs, CEO of Tubbstech, is buying a shipment of Z8 Powder from a Jamaican Drug lord. It’s up to Declan Bruce to find out why. The only real clue that he has is the word Thunderpussy. It’s a wild ride to Tubbs hideout on the moon as Bruce fights and screws his way to solving the mystery.

One of the things that I liked so much about Suckhole was the crazy and interesting characters, and Barbee has continued that trend with his latest book. He is a master at populating his books with individuals that are equal parts bizarre and fascinating, amusing and intriguing. From kung-fu Rastafarian’s to an evil henchman with a 10 foot pecker, Thunderpussy is littered with awesome characters. And seeing as how 00X is bad-ass spy, it would be awesome to see more of his adventures. He could be to Barbee as 007 were to Ian Fleming, only way more insane. And with an awesome mustache.

Barbee writes some top notch Bizarro. He is definitely someone to keep an eye out for. I will be waiting anxiously for whatever he puts out next. I’m sure it will be just as great as this book was.

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