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My Review of Andersen Prunty’s Slag Attack

I got a copy of Slag Attack not knowing anything about this book. All I knew was it’s written by Andersen Prunty and I haven’t read anything from him that I didn’t like. It turns out this worked in my favor since this book was cool as hell. I’ve said it before, Prunty is a master of the dark and depressing. He puts his characters through some serious crap, and he does it like the expert he is.
The Slag’s fell from the sky, they look like a cross between slugs and maggots, and they basically feed on people. The first story, The Devastated insides of Hollow City, we have Shell, a detective hired to find Pearl who is either eight years old or eighty years old depending on who you ask. It’s very noir, but bizarre and twisted like we expect from Prunty. This may be my favorite story of the book.
The second story, Vincent Severity, we have a man who is very severe, who kidnaps a woman with a problem, if she can’t yell out the names of male singers the world may end. It’s a twisted tale of the beginning of the Slag Attack from one woman’s viewpoint.
Corpse Mountain, the third story, focuses on three survivors. One believes he has been given instructions to build robots, and drink gasoline, that this is how the Slag’s will be defeated.
The final story, All alone at the end of the world is the longest of the bunch. Here we have Darren slowly withering away in his house all alone. He thinks he may be the last person alive. At the end of his wits and in desperation Darren leaves his house and stumbles into what may be humanity’s last stand against the Slag’s.
The book itself is pretty short, I would have liked to continue to read more of this wasteland that the Slag’s created. Prunty has a real handle on his characters. He knows how to craft interesting and believable people, and I’ve said it before, he’s at his best when he’s putting them through hell. There is so much about this collection that I liked, and I am sure that any fans of Prunty’s or post apocalyptic stories, or just plain good fiction would enjoy it as much as I did.

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