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My Review of Spike Marlow’s Placenta of Love


I think the New Bizarro Author Series is great, I read a few of last years and enjoyed each one. Now I’ve got a few new authors to follow and I look forward to their future projects. When the time came and they announced the new crop of NBAS at Bizarro-con last year I got excited again. My plan is read all eight of their books this year. So far I’ve read one and it was Placenta of Love, and it was excellent.
Set on the amusement park planet Venus we are introduced to Captain Carl, a Robo whose creator gave him intelligence and taught him how to create. He uses his abilities to create himself a companion, Helen, who he promises to find a beautiful body for. He does this with a stolen Placenta, and once Helen has her body she wants more than anything to make a baby with Carl. And then the book gets crazy, but in a super awesome way.
One of the really cool things about this book is that through-out the story Spike Marlow tells about the different rides offered on Venus. She uses a different ride to open each chapter, a particular favorite of mine being The Carousal of Children where “Parents usually return to pick up their beloved offspring bearing candy apples and neon-colored popcorn balls, but if they fail to appear, the Carousel of Children also serves as The Venusian Center for New Employees.”
Overall this is a love story, it’s twisted and bizarre, but it’s a story about the love of two A.I. beings. It’s really well written, the characters are real and believable. It’s an intelligent book and I look forward to whatever Spike Marlow puts out next, she is a writer to keep an eye out for.


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