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My Review of Andersen Prunty’s My Fake War

Prunty delivers again with another great book. In this one he strays from the horror he writes about a lot and goes for more of a surreal and comical story. He still puts his main character through the wringer in typical Prunty fashion.
Saul Dressing has been drafted by the army of everything. He’s being sent to a country that threatens their freedom, his job is to observe and declare war on any hostiles. He’s the right man for the job, or is he? And are there even any hostiles to declare war on? You really feel sorry for Ol Saul, thrust into a situation that doesn’t make sense and forced to do things he doesn’t understand. But they give Saul a rockin gun, one that with a push of a button can dispense food, pop out a tent, or act as a bidet. They may send him off well equipped but that’s nothing compared to what he ends up finding.
I’ve read quite a bit of his work and to be honest this was my least favorite so far. I’m not saying that in a bad way, every book can’t be a master piece. If someone had never read an Andersen Prunty book there are others I would recommend first, but this is still a very good read. Like most of his work there are twists and turns you won’t see coming. My Fake War is weird, funny, very entertaining and worth a read for any fan of Bizarro fiction.

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