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My Review of Muscle Memory by Steve Lowe

Reading the premise of Steve Lowes Muscle Memory I knew I had to have it. Who doesn’t like a good body swapping story? Honestly I had never read one before, but I have seen most of the movies that were mentioned in the book. Most people have seen the classic ones from the eighties staring the likes of Kirk Cameron, Fred Savage, and George Burns among others. But I have never seen a movie where someone changed bodies with a sheep, so I ordered Muscle Memory from Amazon. Then I waited, and waited for a long while. I suppose this book was on back order, I don’t know, but when it finally came I read it instantly. It’s a quick read, my only complaint would be that’s it’s so short. But that’s not so bad, Steve Lowe wrote a sequel that’s just as good that you can download for free if you go to his website.  I would recommend this book to anyone who likes funny well written stories. Hopefully we’ll be seeing some more Bizarro books from Steve Lowe in the near future.

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