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Free ebook today only!


I should have posted this earlier today, but for the remainder of the day you can get the ebook of my second novella, Mother F’ing Black Skull of Death, for free!

Winners of the book giveaway!


Back in February I decided to have a little contest. I wanted to give away a copy of both of my novellas. Of course I was trying to do something to help get my name out there, but I’m a big fan of the small press. There are a lot of really talented writers putting out books through small presses, and there are some really kick ass presses putting those books out. So, I thought, what could I do to help as many of us out as possible? My idea was to encourage people to buy books from small press authors and have them let me know that they did, and I would put their name in drawings for my books. I started out by posting links to good books. Now, admittedly, I wanted to do that more often but I’m too much of a slacker. One of the biggest selling points for this, in my opinion anyway, was I didn’t ask anyone to message me with a receipt of their purchases or anything in the form of proving their purchases to me. So, basically, all one had to do was tell me that they bought books, they could have lied to me and I wouldn’t have been none the wiser. I gave the entire month of February as the time limit for the contest and said in March I would pick winners. I surprised myself by going out of my way to reach new people, not just the people on my Facebook friends list, and I had a lot of support from some fellow writers. But, by the end of the month, I was disappointed. I didn’t expect people by the hundreds to want to enter the contest of a nobody, but I did have hopes that I would get more than I did. Now, I’m not saying all of this to whine and cry about nobody giving a crap enough to even lie for the chance to win a free book. I made a couple of pretty cool new internet friends from all this. I launched a Facebook author page and have almost 100 likes already. Things didn’t go as I had hoped, but this is just a start, I’m looking forward to working even harder to get my name, and books, out there.

So, since I didn’t get but a few people to enter I decided to change the contest. Instead of drawing two winners to send books too, everybody that entered the contest is a winner. I have sent books to all of you to say thanks for your interest, and thanks for participating. I’m not going to list the winners, if you entered the contest then expect a book in a few days. I hope you all enjoy them, and if you feel so inclined, please leave an honest review on goodreads and amazon. It doesn’t have to be a massive understaking, just a sentence or two will do just fine.