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Free ebook today only!


I should have posted this earlier today, but for the remainder of the day you can get the ebook of my second novella, Mother F’ing Black Skull of Death, for free!

Mother Fucking Black Skull of Death!

Mother F'ing Black Skull of Death1

Pulling into the parking lot is a massive semi, with a huge trailer painted with gory pictures of impaled bodies and a pile of severed heads. There’s a huge silver skull near the back that has the words ‘Mother’ and ‘Fucker’ where its eye sockets should be, and ‘Black Skull of Death’ for a mouth. The truck pulls around, away from the front of the store. I can see the doors on the back of the trailer as the driver backs the rig towards us. It’s a painting of a naked woman with huge tits. She’s covered in blood and sitting on a massive pile of skulls, holding a can of Mother Fucking Black Skull of Death between her legs. I’m instantly hard as a rock.

My newest novella is out! From the fine people at MorbidbookS, who have published such authors as Johnathon Moon, Garret Cook, and Chris Kelso, comes Mother F’ing Black Skull of Death! Danger Slater, author of DangerRama and I will Rot without you, calls it an assault on good taste, and says that it’s over the top fun!

Mother F’ing Black Skull of Death on Amazon