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Hybrid Moments-A literary Tribute to The Misfits


Weirdpunk Books are putting together this awesome tribute to punk icons The Misfits, which my story Exterminate the whole Human Race was accepted into. Featuring thirteen stories by various authors, each taking a different Misfits song and creating a story from it. I think this is an extremely cool concept and thankfully I didn’t procrastinate like usual and knocked a story out that the guys liked.

Recently, a Kickstarter was launched to pay for all the contributors to this book. There are some really cool perks for backing this project, check them out here on Kickstarter’s website. While you’re playing around on the internet, check out Weirdpunk Books on Facebook and like their page!


New Book! The Sexual Avenger

The Sexual Avenger1

Today, my newest book became available on Amazon. Currently it is only available as an ebook, but the paperback should be coming along very soon. This my first book through New Kink, an imprint of Rooster Republic. It’s pretty short, something that could easily be read in one sitting. It features three short stories focusing on the adventures of The Sexual Avenger.

From the back cover:

Justice has come.
And it is hard.

The Sexual Avenger is here and he is for hire. Wielding the hard, hard dong of justice to smite bullies and other mean people, he bears a gift and a curse. He possesses a weapon so powerful, he fears he may never master it or fully understand its ramifications. Too strong for any normal human, he must face the world alone. He must face the world hard.

The Sexual Avenger on Amazon

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