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My Review of Andersen Pruntys Jack and Mr Grin

My first experience with Andersen Prunty was his book The Sorrow King, which I thought was a fantastic read. After finishing it I immediately wanted to read more of his work. I was a little concerned that since I started out with his newest work that maybe I wouldn’t enjoy his previous work as much, but that was just dumb, apparently all his books are great.
Jack and Mr. Grin isn’t straight forward Bizarro, it has some Bizarro elements to it, but really it’s more of a Bizarro thriller. One lazy Sunday Jack goes out to get his girlfriend and himself some breakfast. When he returns he finds his girlfriend is not there. After a quick search of the house he gets a strange phone call from the man who has Gina, a man who sounds like he’s grinning. Jack has twenty four hours to find Gina and battle Mr. Grin to the death.
Andersen Prunty does a great job with his characters, keeping them real and making you care about them. Jack goes through a lot of emotional turmoil during his quest, mainly due to the psychological torture that Mr. Grin puts him through.
This was for me another excellent read from Mr. Prunty, and I will look forward to more.

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