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My Review of Carlton Mellick III’s I Knocked up Satan’s Daughter

This is the review I posted on Amazon, I kept this one real short, just enough to get the point across


In Carlton Mellick III’s introduction he talks about romantic comedies and how no matter how much he hates them he can’t stop watching them. I have to agree with him, there is something about romantic comedies that suck you in. It doesn’t matter how bad you may hate the actors, if it’s on, most people will sit and watch it until the end. Even if they hate the fact they’ll never get those hours or minutes back.
I never felt like I wasted any of my life reading I Knocked up Satan’s Daughter, though. Mellick did good with following the rom-com formula, and he bizarro’d it up well.

This is the story of Johnathon, a loser who lives his life for Lego building, regardless of what anybody has to say about it. He dreams of one day having his Lego sculptures appreciated as a true art form. But all his dreams look to be shattered when Lici, a pregnant demon shows up on his door step. It’s the classic story of two people from opposite worlds, only one is from earth, the other happens to be from Hell.

Filled with demons, kung-fu Christians and Lego’s that come to life all tied neatly into a love story, this book is sure to entertain CM3’s fans and could possibly gain him some new ones.


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