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Hellsworld Hotel now on sale!

Hellsworld Hotel

Now on sale!

It’s the Halloween season and Hellsworld Hotel is open for business! From now until midnight on October 31st the ebook for Hellsworld Hotel is on sale for .99 and the paperback is $7.99! The haunted houses are open, get in line and prepared to be scared!

Hellsworld Hotel is a tale of family horror in the vein of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and House of 1000 Corpses, brought to you by the author of The ADHD Vampire and Fast Times at Cine Mega Plex High.

“Hellsworld Hotel reads like you’re watching a horror movie. You know something bad is going to happen and it’s right around the corner. I had no idea just how bad it was going to get. I have read a lot of horror in my day but nothing as hardcore as Hellsworld Hotel. There was a lot of cringing on my part because of the numerous j(awe)-dropping moments. It’s visceral, gritty and never sugar-coated.” – Wofford Lee Jones, author of Soul Dreams

“This book felt to me like a blending of Tobe Hooper’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes. After reading this splatter fest, I guarantee you will never feel safe at a seasonal Haunted House again.” – Rob Smith

“I bought it. Started it, but damn man, I had to take a break. Thought I was going to lose my lunch! Good writing. Cannibal Corpse business going on right there.” – Kirk Jones, author of Aetherchrist


My Review of Full Brutal by Kristopher Triana

Full Brutal

Full Brutal is the first book I’ve read by Kristopher Triana. I’ve seen his name before so I was interested in checking out some of his work. As a member of The Splatter Club I saw a great opportunity when they announced a group read for Full Brutal. The only thing is the read was supposed to last a whole month, and I was so sucked into this book I read it in about a week.
As the description says the book is about Kim White, star cheerleader and all around popular teen. She can have anything she wants, any guy she wants, but she hates the life she leads. In an attempt to change things in her life she embarks on a path that becomes more violent, disturbing, and, as the title implies, more brutal as the book moves along.
I like Triana’s writing style, he sucks you in and keeps the pacing at a speed that keeps you interested. There was plenty of bloodshed and violence, which makes for a pretty fun book for me. I am definitely curious to check out some of his work and I would recommend this book to anyone who likes hardcore horror and splatterpunk.

Buy it here Full Brutal on Amazon