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My Review of Andersen Prunty’s Hi, I’m A Social Disease

I’ve been on an Andersen Prunty reading spree for awhile, but this is my last review of one of his books for a bit.

I’ve been reviewing a lot of Andersen Prunty books here recently, the guy has some really great books. His books are always well written, very imaginative and usually twisted. That doesn’t change with this collection of short stories, but this may be my favorite collection of his that I’ve read so far. Prunty has a real gift for creating characters that you genuinely feel for and care about, then putting them through some kind of hell, be it mental or physical. His stories evoke a sense of dread, and often times are quite depressing. Over all there’s not a bad story in the bunch, all seven offer something different from Pruntys creative mind. For me Room 19 and The Dust Season was a couple of the highlights.

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