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My Review of Stranger/Danger from Kevin Strange and Danger Slater

I originally wrote this review a few months back. For whatever reason, it didn’t get posted then, and it was forgotten about.

Anyone who reads bizarro fiction knows the names of Danger Slater and Kevin Strange. They’re both known for writing some really awesome stuff. I, for one, am a fan of both of them, so I was pretty excited to read their double novella.

First up was Kevin Strange’s Computerface. The basic story of Computerface is something you may have seen before either in movies, or books. Machines have taken over, and they are destroying all of humanity. But that is just a bare bones plot element. This is Kevin Strange, he doesn’t put out books that are like anything you have read before. The actual story of Computerface is about a man who wakes up with no memory of who he is and where he is. He is immediately thrust into a situation he doesn’t understand, where a machine is trying to slaughter a woman. Even though he saves the day, he is accused of being one of the machines. This mistake comes from the fact that unbeknownst to him, he has an Ipad grafted to his face. Strange takes this bizarre Sci Fi scenario and makes it as terrifying as he possibly could. His robots are fueled by the pain and torment of humans, and he has created some very nightmare inducing killing machines. I really enjoyed the progression of main character Computerface as we learn with him who he was, how he became what he is, and what he ended up being. Fans of Strange’s other work will find a nice little surprise at the end.

The second half of this book, Danger Slater’s novella Roadvoltution, takes another familiar scenario, but quickly turns it into something original. Essentially it’s a survival horror story, but this time the monster is our roads, bridges and tunnels. As the roads rise up and bite each other like vampires we have a miss-matched group trying to stay alive while the concrete and pavement monsters kill anything in their paths. Slater does a great job with the would be survivors of this story. His characters are quirky and entertaining, and very real life.

Both of these novellas are excellent. Kevin Strange and Danger Slater are putting out exciting and entertaining work. If you like anything else these two have put out then you will definitely like Stranger/Danger.

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