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My Review of Carlton Mellick III’s Satan Burger

I finally got a chance to sit down and read the one that started it. This is my review I posted to Amazon and Goodreads.


Satan Burger was probably the first Bizarro book I had ever heard of. I don’t remember what set me to looking for it on Amazon, but I did, and I read descriptions and reviews on it and many other Bizarro books trying to figure out which one would be my first step into the Bizarro genre. It ended up not being this book, or any CM3 book for that matter. I read quite a few books from the genre before I finally got to a CM3 book, but it still wasn’t Satan Burger. It stayed on my radar though, and a few weeks ago I finally got a copy. I really enjoyed this book. It really shows the almost limitless imagination Carlton has, he crammed a lot of different ideas into the 236 pages. He creates some great characters too, from our narrator Leaf with his acid ocean eyes to Satan, the homosexual who brings everything he touches to life, to Gin, the dead guy with the living body parts. This books not without its issues, one being the voice seems to jump around a bit at times, but I think it helps to go into this book knowing that it was one of his first published books, written over ten years ago. CM3 has written a lot of books since Satan Burger so obviously he has improved during his career. This is still a good read, a classic that any Bizarro fan should check out at least once.

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