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My Review of Caris O’Malleys the Egg said Nothing

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I came across Caris O’Malley by accident. It was one of those deals where you’re reading a book review, and you click on a link and from there you click on another link. Before you know it you don’t remember how you even got to where you are. Where I ended up was Caris O’Malley’s wordpress site reading his rant about Netflix, which I completely empathized with. Along with his raging at the movie distribution service there was also a post about his book, The Egg said nothing, being available for a free download. A free book is hard for me to pass up, especially one with such an interesting premise. So of course I tried to download it, and maybe I clicked on the wrong thing or it had been too long, but I ended up getting a virus. No big deal, easily remedied, but I didn’t want to chance it again, and I really wanted to read that book now. So I hoped on over to and nabbed me a copy for my kindle, and I was glad I did. The Egg said nothing tells the story of lonely introvert Manny after he awakes one day to find an egg between his legs. As weird as this is to our narrator he feels the need to care for it as he assumes it’s his own. As he spends most of his time up at night he finds the love of his life in an all night diner, along with inedible pie and undrinkable coffee. And then the book gets weird, but in a very good way. I don’t want to spoil anything for a potential reader so I’ll just say that O’Malley has taken the well used idea of time travel and created an entertaining and thought provoking read. From what I’ve read this is his first book, as it was part of the New Bizarro Author series, and if that’s the case, I can’t wait to read his next one.

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