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My Review of Cameron Pierce’s Assgoblins of Auschwitz

This was the second Cameron Pierce book I have read, and I must say this guy is a master of the Bizarro. Defiantly looking forward to reading more of his stuff.

When I first learned of the Bizarro genre I thought it would be some truly weird stuff, I read some descriptions of books and some customer reviews and there seemed to be some strange and twisted books out there. One that I was intrigued by was AGOA, I had already read Abortion Arcade and knew that Cameron Pierce was a go to guy for the truly bizarre work. After having finally got around to purchasing AGOA and reading it I’ve got to say this book here is what Bizarro is all about.  From the Goblins themselves to the descriptions of Auschwitz landscape, Pierce’s imagination seems limitless. He’s crafted a morbid and disturbing world for our narrator 999 and his conjoined twin, 1001. This book is perfect for anyone interested in Bizarro, it showcases how far you can go within the genre and still maintain an interesting story.

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