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Review of Abortion Arcade by Cameron Pierce

The Abortion Arcade showcases three novellas, each one more absurd than the last. The first of these is No Children, which very well may be the most unique zombie story I’ve ever read. It tells about a farm ran by zombies and their obvious “crop”, which is people. We follow our narrator Grieves as he makes his way through what is to be the short journey of his life. But he has different plans, and with a little help he might become more than just food for the undead. With a wedding ceremony that involves cannibalism and death, Cameron Pierce starts out strong with this story.
The second story, The Roadkill Quarter Back of Heavy Metal High, is my personal favorite of the trio. Danny the werewolf is becoming accustomed to life as the backup quarterback, which makes him a loser. After a freak accident he gets thrust into playing in the conference game against the Old Time Country Vampires, and the entire school is depending on him. Add to it the heavy flow of metal references and you can see just how fun it is to be a Bizarro writer.
And finally there is The Destroyed Room. Cameron Pierce shows us the strange world that Simon and Celia live in, where sloths have moved into the city and tiny elephants infest homes like rats. Simon’s curiosity gets the better of him when he discovers strings attached to living objects, and he gets a curious surprise trying to find what they lead to.
I found this book to be quite enjoyable, very well written and extremely imaginative. Outlandish, morbid tales of sadness and love like this is exactly what I look for in Bizarro. And with this being my first from Cameron Pierce I’m looking forward to checking out his other books.

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