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My Review of He Digs a Hole by Danger Slater

He Digs a Hole

Danger Slater’s books always surprise me. Not his writing, I’ve read all but two of his books, I believe, so I know he’s a great writer. I know going into one of his books I won’t be disappointed. But for some reason I get these weird ideas in my head about what a book will be like before I start reading it. For example, He Digs A Hole is about a guy that cuts off his hands, replaces them with gardening tools, and begins to dig a hole. Sounds like some standard Bizarro right? But, much like Dangers other books, it’s more than just that. It becomes a journey of self discovery for protagonist Harrison as he moves on from the boring, mundane life he was leading into the one that awaits him down the large hole he has dug. It’s an Alice and Wonderland type adventure into a new world that brings Harrison to the realization about what he loves, because this book is also a love story.

Danger puts a lot into this short book, it easily propels you along, eagerly following the journey until you reach that ending, which was probably my most favorite thing about the book. We’ve all read those books that may be great for about 75 to 85 percent of it and then the ending just lets you down. But not here, Danger knew what he was doing and where the story needed to go, and it was lovely.

Buy it here He Digs a Hole

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