Author of The ADHD Vampire and Mother F'ing Black Skull of Death

Zero Lives Remaining by Adam Cesare


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Adam Cesare is my go to guy for new horror. A big appeal for me is we grew up close to the same era, so some of his work has a nostalgic aspect that I can relate to. With Zero Lives Remaining, that nostalgia comes in the form of retro arcade games. A quick aside, I wasn’t a big gamer as a kid, nor am I one now, but I loved going into the arcades and looking and watching even if I wasn’t playing the games.

This is the story of Robbie Asaro, who died tragically at Funcave, the arcade he worked at. He became a ghost in the machine and watched over the place for two decades. He becomes fond of Tiffany, one of the gamers, and when she is bullied by Chris, Robbie unleashes his power and starts a destructive chain reaction.

With Adam’s stories comes a good focus on the characters, which is something I really enjoy about his books. He adds the right amount of backstory so we can get a good idea of the characters motivations. He does this especially well with Chris and Tiffany, allowing us to get into both of their heads and understand their reactions to each other.

I want to mention I listened to this as an audiobook, and that  Narrator Joe Hempel did an excellent job.

This book has plenty of nostalgia, an interesting story, and a good amount of gore. I recommend it for any fan of the horror genre.

Buy it here Zero Lives Remaining


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