Author of The ADHD Vampire and Mother F'ing Black Skull of Death

Let’s do a book giveaway!

My very first published book, The ADHD Vampire, just had its one year anniversary. That’s pretty awesome in my opinion. The people who have read it have given it positive reviews, for this I am thankful. Since this is a special occasion and all I wanted to do something to celebrate, and what better way to celebrate than to give some books away? What I have decided to do is two drawings, one for The ADHD Vampire and one for my other book, Mother F’ing Black Skull of Death. What you have to do to have your name entered into the drawings is simple, buy a book during the month of February, but not one of mine, I’m trying to give them away. Buy a book from any indie author. There is so many good books out there, and you’re going to be buying some anyway, right? Just tell me that you did and your name is entered. That simple. You have until the end of February, but if you bought any in the beginning month they count too, and then the contest is over and the drawings will be in March. Hit me up on Facebook, Goodreads, or email which are all provided in the contacts.

Also, I have recently created a facebook page, give it a like if you want!

Click here – Matthew Vaughn


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