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My Review of Hung Hounds by Donald Armfield

Hung Hounds

You can never truly know what to expect when you pick up a bizarro book. Most of the time, the synopsis only gives you a small glimpse into the world you’re about to enter. Hung Hounds is one of those books.

The story is, our would-be hero, Humphrey, wakes up in the bathroom of a bar to find earth has been invaded by the hung hounds. They are monstrous dog-like creatures, with huge penis’, from another dimension. From here he teams up with a rag tag group, Dawn the sexy heroine, Kickstand the retired porn star, and a monkey named Dookie, to try and send the hounds back to the dimension they came from. This is just a small sampling of what Hung Hounds is about.

Donald Armfield crams in a crazy amount of action and story into this short novella. He writes fast paced scenes and keeps his characters moving from one altercation to another. There’s a plethora of odd ball characters that our heroes encounter, some help out reluctantly and some try to stand in the way. Personally, I liked the last act of the book the best. Our group finds themselves put through a series of tests that have some pretty humorous elements to them.

This is a good read for any fans of bizarre stories that are heavy on the funny. Donald has a strong imagination, and I’m looking forward to what he does with it in the future.

Buy it here Hung Hounds

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