Author of The ADHD Vampire and Mother F'ing Black Skull of Death

2014 Year in Review

I can’t make best of lists at the end of the year. Maybe I watched ten movies from 2014 all year long, but I can’t even say that for sure. The majority of the time I’m watching stuff that came out way before. This year I watched a few Hellraiser movies. I watched Rob Zombies Halloween remakes. I’m the same with books. I read stuff that ranged from Philip K Dick that was originally printed in 1968 to Bret Easton Ellis’ Imperial Bedrooms from a couple years ago. So it’s hard for me to compile a list of the best of anything from the year that is ending. Instead, I have compiled a list of a few things I thought were awesome in 2014. Mastodon_-_once_more_'round_the_sun Mastodon’s Once more Round the Sun    I’ve been a fan of Mastodon since I first saw the music video for March of The Fire Ants back when Mtv revived headbangers Ball. For me I enjoyed their earlier input more. I like aggressive music. I like screams and growls. As each new album came out they added more clean vocals, their music became more progressive. I still liked the band, but they were moving further and further away from what I enjoyed about them originally. Their previous album, The Hunter, is my least favorite thing they’ve done, so I was concerned about the new one. Though OMRTS continues in their path of progressive instrumentation and cleaner, catchy vocals, it freaking rocks. I didn’t take the CD out of my truck until I had heard it twenty times in a row (this is speculation, I didn’t actually count.). Honorable mention goes out to Killer be Killed’s self titled debut and Betraying the Martyrs newest album Phantoms. Hearers of the Constant Hum William Pauley 3 put a new book out, Hearers of The Constant Hum!    Now, I haven’t read it yet, but I’m super excited to dive into it, I just got it on Christmas from my wife. I’ve been into WP3’s work for awhile now, starting with the 8 bit Fack it all adventure The Brothers Crunk. Chances are if you’re reading this post, you’ve read some of his work. If by chance you have not, then you should remedy that soon. I reviewed a couple if his books here, maybe you can find something there you like. Stranger_Danger Stranger/Danger by Kevin Strange and Danger Slater    This book is one novella by each author, not really having anything to do with each other and yet they both share some interesting similarities. Both of these authors write interesting and exciting books filled with fresh ideas. I look forward to whatever they put out in the coming year. Here is a little review I did of Stranger/Danger. Honorable mentions for Andre Duzas Technicolor Terrorists and Adam Millards Larry. Job-For-A-Cowboy-band Job for a Cowboys Sun Eater    I just got this album a week or so ago but I’ve been jamming it like crazy (credit to Joseph Bouthiette Jr. for telling me how great this album is!). I don’t remember if Nick Schendzielos played like this on Demonacracy, but his bass playing on Sun Eater is phenomenal! JFAC’s sound doesn’t suffer from the departure of long time drummer Jon ‘ the charm’ Rice. Honorable mentions for At the Gates At War with Reality and The Haunteds Exit Wounds.    I didn’t seen too many movies from this year, but I did enjoy Xmen:Days of future past, Godzilla, Neighbors, Edge of Tomorrow, and 22 Jump st. I just don’t think I could put any of them at the top of a year end list.    I’m sure there are a ton more comprehensive and better lists than mine out there, but this is what I got. Maybe in a couple years I’ll get to some if the other stuff that came out in 2014.

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