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My Review of The Mondo Vixen Massacre by Jamie Grefe

The Mondo Vixen Massacre

As everyone knows The New Bizarro Author series has a new class of crazy kids every year. I have finally read my first book from the new class, The Mondo Vixen Massacre, and what a book to start with. Jamie Grefe really surprised me with this one. I knew it would be good, the NBAS is really picky, but Grefe really showed what he’s capable of with this one. From the get go this book starts out fierce. We are introduced to torture, non-stop violent, unrelenting forms of torture most normal people would never even dream of. There’s even some stuff the rest of us may not have seen before either.

This is how it starts for poor Tom Clay and his family, being brutalized by more vixens than one may have thought possible. Dental vixens, punk rock vixens, bikini vixens, you name it and there is probably a vixen. The thing is that even though Tom is put through hell and left for dead, he rises from the rumble of his destroyed home to hunt down the vixens and rescue his wife. Grefe never eases up on poor Tom either. The man gets put through the ringer over and over. But his ability to get back up, hurting but ready to kick some ass, is part of the over the top aspect of the book. But it’s never done in a silly, this is ridiculous way, which could have easily happened to an author of lesser skills.

Grefe wrote this book in a screenplay style that helps in giving it a grind house feel, almost like creating a novelized B-movie. I’ve seen a few people mention it’s in the same vein as work by Tarantino and Rodriguez and that’s a well deserved comparison. The over the top violence and sexy vixens would be par for the course in either of their films.

Of all the New Bizarro Author Series I’ve read over the years, Grefe has set himself apart from the usual bizarro writing style. And I might say raised the bar for future NBAS.

Recently Jamie Grefe has released two spin off stories, both of which are excellent additions to this crazy vixen filled world he has created. Both are free so definitely check them out too.

The Sickle Vixen

Mondo Brutal

Buy it here The Mondo Vixen Massacre

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