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My Review of DangerRama by Danger Slater


Like I’ve said about a lot of authors I’ve reviewed, Danger Slater is a name I knew but hadn’t read anything by him. I came across a post of his mentioning he had some copies of his book Danger Rama and that he was willing to give them out for reviews. I get a lot of books in E files to review, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but it was pretty awesome to get a physical copy complete with a personalized signature.

Danger Rama is three separate novellas in one book. Like most books I read I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I like to just jump in blind be surprised, and usually it’s a pleasant experience. This time was no different. Starting out with The Knights of White Castle it’s immediately noticeable that Danger Slater is a funny guy. From the ghetto talking chick behind the counter to the high school kid’s that come in to eat White Castles, Slater has a good grasp of realistic dialogue. This is a story about a fired middle school science professor that builds a time machine and things do not work out as expected. Funny thing is the entire time I was reading this I kept picturing the professor as Dr. Doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb.

The second story, Somonbulant, is my favorite of the three. The main character Dylan keeps waking up to find himself in wild and crazy situations. He is a sleep walker, and while he’s asleep he lives out a life that is extreme and completely unlike his awake self. We are with a confused Dylan every time he wakes and tries to understand what is happening to him. It’s written in a way that we get pieces of a puzzle every time he wakes up until it all comes together. This one has some pretty interesting takes on some real life personalities.

The final story, Me & Me & Me & Me & Me & Me & Me & Me, is a cool sci-fi story about a guy named Abner moving along through space, completely alone. Abner was sent out in search of a new planet to inhabit since earth is pretty much toast. After a malfunction breaks his communications with earth, Abner is left with just his thoughts and his vacuum. But fear not, cause after that it gets weird, but also deep.

All three of these stories have elements of science fiction. But with characters like rapping dinosaurs and a humanized finger they are definitely Bizarro. Danger Slater is an author to keep an eye on, with as impressive as this book is his future works should be pretty awesome.

Buy it here DangerRama


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