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The Anti Year in Review/ Lets help Eddy

2013 is over. I’m not going to do a year in review, that’s just not my thing. It was good, it was bad, my son was born and I got two stories accepted for anthologies. That’s it, that’s all you get from me. I’m also not going to sit here and list a bunch of New Year resolutions. I will go to work, I will hang out with my family, and I will write. Not much is going to change with me. The only thing I plan on changing is this blog here. Starting today I’m going to make a good attempt at doing something with it. So far I’ve only posted reviews, even then I haven’t put one up in months. Today I did post a new review and I have a couple more that I will be posting really soon.

Unfortunately I’m not very exciting, I’m hoping that will change. It probably won’t. Here’s something more interesting to fill this space. Eddy Rathke is the author of Ash Cinema which is arguably the best book I read last year. That book was beautifully written, the prose was something beyond anything I had experienced before. When I started into the first few pages I thought I was in over my head, and maybe I was. But I could not put that book down, it consumed my life until the last page. But eddy is more than that book, he has contributed short stories to many great anthologies such as Warmed and Bound and Cipher Sisters. He has written for online sites such as Manarchy and published interviews at Monkeybicycle. I don’t know him personally except from twitter and Facebook, but he seems like a cool guy. He was scammed and that robbed him of his finances. There is an indigogo campaign to help him out. There are a bunch of great rewards for people willing to pitch up. I ask that anyone reading this look into it and see if they could help this guy in his time of need. There’s 19 days left and they’re over halfway to the goal.

Revenge of the Scammed


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