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My Review of Meat Suitcase by Wol-vriey

Meat Suitcase

This review is long overdue. I could list a bunch of reasons why it took me so long but really it doesn’t matter, it is what it is.

Bizarro has grown a lot in the last couple years. There have been a lot of new authors emerging, many really talented. But I have yet to find anyone who compares to the weird that is Wol-vriey. I first came across him with his book Invasion of the Ass Chickens. That book was crazy, but good. It was as weird as you could get but well written. When he offered me a copy of Meat Suitcase in exchange for a review I jumped on it.

This book starts out with the story of Soldier, who along with his fellow troops from Deadline Central is locked in a fierce battle with the Eeks. The Eeks are a Horse headed race whose faces change into that of any human they kill. Not only is this war deadly, it’s psychologically destructive. Soldier becomes the last man standing, so to speak, as he fights to the death while the lower half of his body is being eaten by meat termites. This is what happens before the first chapter even begins. It’s just a small shadow of what goes on in this book .The adventures Soldier has, along with his partner Sergeant, are incredible and borderline insane. Wol-vriey really puts these guys through the wringer, as just when it may seem like they have completed a mission DC throws them back out into the war.

Wol-vriey has no shortage of wild ideas and interesting concepts. We are introduced to characters and landscapes that are fascinating and rich with the detailed clarity of a master storyteller. There’s Pumpkin Sunshine, the pumpkin sun that floats in the sky above Stasis, he’s The Pumpking. Then there’s Wetville where its buildings are huge umbrella canopies that protect the town from the huge whale-clouds that swim in the sky. These are but small examples, they barely scratch the surface of Meat Suitcase.

About the only issue I had with Meat Suitcase is that it’s written in 2nd person. It wasn’t really an issue, I had just never read a book from this perspective before so it took a little getting used to.

In the time between Ass Chickens and Meat Suitcase, Wol-vriey definitely hasn’t lost his touch. Instead he’s managed to ratchet up the weird even farther. If you’ve never read anything by Wol-vriey and you’re into Bizarro then do yourself a favor and grab one of his books.

Buy it here Meat Suitcase

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