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My Review of Gutmouth by Gabino Iglesias


So the New Bizarro Series Authors are in full effect again for this year. I’m a big fan of this series; I always try to read as many of them as I can. Unfortunately I usually don’t end up reading as many as I would like. So I have read my first, and hopefully not last, of this year’s bunch and I couldn’t have picked a better one to start with.

Much like the title will tell you this book is about a guy with a mouth for a stomach. He goes by the name of David, his friend’s call him Gut, and the mouth is named Philippe. It starts out with him in prison and for the most part he tells us the story of how he ended up there. But what a story it is. In a future where the corporate MegaCorp (Made me think of Work for MegaCorp and make MegaCorp work for you!) controls pretty much everything. David works as a hunter for the corporation. His job was to bring in the people who didn’t pay their share to MegaCorp, or went against the company somehow. He tells us about meeting Maria, the one-legged stripper/prostitute that works at Ampu-titties and how their strange relationship grows. We meet David’s friends, most of which work at the Genital Mutilation and Erotic Maiming Center at the bottom of his apartment complex. There are mutations and genetic modifications pushed well beyond ones common conception on most of these colorful characters.

Gutmouth is packed full of bizarre and just plain crazy concepts. Gabino Iglesias may have a pretty twisted mind, and I like it! Some parts of this book are so extreme that in a lesser author’s hands it could come off as silly. And that right there may be one of the biggest surprises from him. If you didn’t know going in you would not know this is his first book. Gabino writes with an elegance that might make you question whether this is a bizarro novel after all, that is until you get to the bottled cats or the fetus tacos. I am only touching on the edges of the fantastic and borderline absurd world that Mr. Iglesias has created; I wouldn’t want to spoil anything for a potential reader.

The bottom line is if you like your bizarro awesome, gritty, twisted, a little stomach turning and you want to be severely entertained then this is a book for you. If this is the start for Gabino Iglesias then I am excited to see what he’s going to do next.

Buy it here Gutmouth


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  1. Great review!

    February 13, 2013 at 3:00 pm

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