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My Review of Cody Goodfellow’s All-Monster Action

All Monster Action

If you’re into Bizarro at all then you’ve probably seen the name Cody Goodfellow. I know I had, quite a few times. But, like most of the books I have reviewed, I had not read anything from Goodfellow. That finally changed with his newest collection All Monster Action. This collection of stories is titled perfectly too, it is literally filled with all monster action, with an emphasis on the action part. Comprised of four short stories and one longer story broken down into three parts, this is the written equivalent to B-movie monster heaven.
The first half of this collection is called Coming Attractions. This is the portion that features the four short stories. These stories run the gamut of Sci-Fi, Horror, WW2, Bizarro, basically almost any genre you can think of, or sub-genre even. The first story in Coming Attractions, called Doorway to the Sky, is one of my favorites. Taking place on an island in the South Pacific, an almost forgotten group of American soldiers deal with the restless natives and what they call to the island. Another of the shorts I liked a lot is The Care and Feeding of Sea Monkeys. This is the tale of nerdy Ramdu and what his lust for the genetically altered Sea Monkeys gets him. This story is set in a twisted future and is heavy on the Bizarro factor. All of the shorts showcase Goodfellows excellent story telling capabilities and his wild imagination.
Now, the second half of this book is called Our Feature Presentation and is a three-part story sharing the title of the book, All Monster Action. This is basically an epic Kaiju B-movie in story form. It’s like Godzilla style monster action that starts off with America using their giant beast to battle the evil monsters from other countries. But the story moves on to a power play for the infamous Dr. Otaku, the world’s foremost freelance kaiju-engineer. There’s a virus that’s released and causes major cities across the U.S. to transform into their own monsters. A 400 pound Albino with Halitosis tries to become emperor of earth. And all the while one U.S. solider is forced to try and stop it all.
This may seem like a bunch of random craziness, but pretty much nothing I can say will come close to how weird, insane, and awesome this book is. Cody Goodfellow is a master storyteller. His descriptions are crystal clear, which can be a bad thing if you’re not into disgusting subject matter. If this book is any indication, Goodfellow is an author you will want to keep your eye on.
Also, I can’t forget to mention the awesome interior art by Mike Dubisch and Nick Gucker. The visuals of the monsters within this book are stunning; it’s a great added touch to complete this collection.

Buy it hereAll-Monster Action

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