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My Review of William Pauley III’s Goddamn Electric Nights

Goddamn Electric Nights

A while back William Pauley III gave out a couple of his ebooks for free and I snatched them up quick. Having read The Brothers Crunk and enjoyed it quite a bit I decided this dude was one to look out for. His book Goddamned Electric Nights features three short bizarro tales that are as enjoyable as they are weird.
The first story is $5 Electric Suzie. Pauley puts an interesting twist on a tale about love and obsession.
The Spiders of Honeyville is one of the most original zombie stories I’ve read, maybe the best of the three if I was forced to choice a best.
Closing out this book is Insection 8. In this our narrator walks into a crazy Japanese game show in progress. And if you think Japanese game shows are all crazy, none of them are like this!
This book is great, well written and extremely entertaining. It’s perfect for anyone looking for some crazy Bizarro reading. Or, if you haven’t read anything from WP3 before this is an excellent place to start.

Buy it here Goddamn Electric Nights

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