Author of The ADHD Vampire and Mother F'ing Black Skull of Death

My Review of Jordan Krall’s Fistful of Feet

You can’t read the Bizarro genre without seeing the name Jordan Krall. But as many times as I’ve seen his name it took me awhile to get around to reading one of his books. Fistful of Feet was where I decided to start with Krall, and I believe I choose well.
Taking place in Screwhorse, Nevada we are introduced to this strange desert town when our hero Calamaro wanders in with his wooden donkey. It doesn’t take him long to get the attention of some of the thugs that push around the rest of the town, and in typical heroic fashion win the hearts of regular townsfolk. But in this book even the regular folks are weird. Playing a large role in the story is the local whorehouse, which is known for indulging customers in their strange fetishes. We have women like June who has a little foot growing out of each of her ankles, giving her a total of four feet. Then there are the Brady sisters, who specialized in burping. This is only a couple examples of the strange characters from this town.
There are a few different story lines involving the different characters, some that run into each other. It can be a little confusing with so many characters, but not so much to ruin the book. Krall does a good job with it all, he doesn’t leave any loose ends, which can typically happen with so much going on.
Overall this is a pretty action packed story. Between Calamaro battling it out with the rich William Lyons or Sergio and his friends plotting to rid the Mayor of his gold, the weird cows with tentacles instead of utters, or the sexually transmitted tattoos, this book will keep you entertained.
I’ve never really been into westerns, this is the first book I’ve read that in that genre. I’ve seen people say that there are a lot of nods towards certain westerns. I think that’s pretty cool, even if I wouldn’t know them to catch them. I will definitely be reading more from Jordan Krall, and I will be encouraging others to do the same.

Buy it here Fistful of Feet


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