Author of The ADHD Vampire and Mother F'ing Black Skull of Death

My Review of Ryan Hardings Genital Grinder

This was my first foray into the extreme horror genre as far as books go. I am familiar with other authors in the genre, like Edward Lee, but for whatever reason I have never sat down and read any of their work. I came across this particular book because the publisher, Deadite Press, has been reprinting a lot of Brian Keene’s work. I have been impressed by the quality of their books, and have heard nothing but great things about Genital Grinder itself.
This collection of seven stories range in length and sickness, but as twisted as they are they are very well written. Six of the seven are some of the craziest and goriest stories I’ve ever read. Harding does a great job of taking the disturbing depravity and utilizing it in an equally funny and entertaining story.
The highlights for me are Damaged Goods, Genital Grinder: A Snuff Film in Five Acts, and Genital Grinder 2: Dis-Membered. These three stories follow the adventures of Von and Greg, two very sick individuals who get themselves in some hilarious situations that you might feel disturbed to be enjoying. There is nothing sacred in these three stories, from murder to cannibalism; from rape to necrophilia, these stories have it all.
I don’t want to go into detail about all of the stories, but truly they are all exceptional and entertaining. I was thoroughly impressed by the quality of the writing in all these stories. There are maybe a couple that soar above the rest, but there isn’t a bad one in the bunch. If you really pay attention while reading this collection you will notice the small connections between them. I found it really enjoyable seeing how they all kind of fit together.
Even though I have almost no experience with the extreme horror genre I would still recommend this book to anyone that is into it. Ryan Harding really pushes the boundaries of disgusting, but he does it expertly. I personally was surprised to find that the great writing almost over shadowed the grotesqueness.

Buy it here Genital Grinder

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