Author of The ADHD Vampire and Mother F'ing Black Skull of Death

My Review of Carlton Mellick III’s Zombies and Shit

I am a pretty big fan of zombies, mainly zombie movies, but I’ve read a few zombie books too. I’ve read a couple of Brian Keene’s, I’ve read some shorts. In the introduction of Zombies and Stuff CM3 talks about being hesitant to write about zombies, really they are getting over done. But I for one am glad that he decided to write this book, it freakin rocked! Set in a post apocalyptic future devastated by a zombie plague we are introduced to twenty individuals as they awaken to find themselves as participants on the game show Zombie Survival. Much like the Manga Battle Royale it’s a fight to the death as there can be only one winner of the show. Some characters prefer to work together, some choose to destroy any they see along the way to victory. But they all have to deal with an endless horde of zombies, and the best of all it’s the Return of the Living Dead style zombies. Nobody uses those zombies, but here there are plenty of them hungry for brains.
CM3 gives us a back-story on each of the contestants and what brought them to Zombie Survival. It’s an interesting behind the scenes that shows the readers the harsh world that has survived the onslaught of zombies. This book isn’t pretty, it’s gory and brutal, but it’s super entertaining. Out of the CM3 books I have read this has become my favorite. It’s a must have for fans of Bizarro and Zombies.

Buy it here Zombies and Shit on

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